Flatiron Climbs

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The Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks extends for over 10 miles along the Front Range just west of Boulder, Colorado. The Flatirons are iconic for the area and easily recognized by the massive rock formations jetting out of the hillside, which are called The Flatirons. Often times, people climb the First Flatiron as a rite of passage in Colorado, it is a must-do, with 1,000 feet of moderate terrain and breathtaking views. Along with the First Flatiron is the Second and Third Flatirons or even The Maiden that offer whole new adventures for those of you that have already climbed the First. Routes on these formations are mostly low-angle, beginner climbing, but can offer a thrill for advanced climbers as well.

For a lighter day, try our Flatiron Tour for a shorter climb or top roping in The Flatirons. For a Flatiron Tour option

Flatiron summit package


  • +$50 for each additional person

This is 1000 feet of beginner to intermediate terrain on beautiful sandstone complimented with gorgeous views the entire climb. The climb takes about 4-5 hours, but allow about 8 hours of your day for this climb for orientation and hiking to the base. $350 for 1 person, and $50 for each additional person, up to 4 people per group. We can have 1 guide for every 4 participants. Extra guide cost is $300/guide. You may also choose to keep your ratio down to 2 participants for every guide with the cost of an extra guide.

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Flatiron TOUR


  • +$50 for each additional person

If you are interested in climbing on the Flatirons, but do not want to take on the 1000 foot summit, the Flatirons Tour is for you! In this tour, we hike up to the base of the Flatirons and climb for up to 3 hours on introductory climbing terrain. The Tour is approximately 4 hours total. $50 for each additional person

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Click on the climbs for links and also check out the videos on the climbs!

Beginner Flatiron Adventure Outing

Join Karima and Diego as they explore The Flatirons in Boulder, Colorado with Denver Mountain Guiding.

Climbing Colorado's First Flatiron

Guided climb of the First Flatiron in Boulder, CO

Climbing the Flatirons with FOX 21

Join Karima and Diego as they explore The Flatirons in Boulder, Colorado with Denver Mountain Guiding.