Guided Rock Climbing & Courses
At Denver Mountain Guiding, we have a list of guided climbing days, climbing courses, and multi-day climbing courses in hopes to meet your climbing desires. Whether you just want to get out there for a half day of rock climbing, want to take an instructional course, or climb the Flatirons, we have adventures for everyone! 

No experience necessary!

Register Today!  Call 303-884-2755 or email to reserve your trip or book a course. Once you have made your reservation you may choose to pay with a credit card over the phone or through an online invoice, or pay a deposit and use cash on the day of your climb. We have a 48 hour, non-refundable cancellation policy, any trips that cancel and don't reschedule over 48 hours are subject to a $50 non-refundable deposit. If you do reschedule over 48 hours, you are not subject to any deposit or loss. Trips cancelled by Denver Mountain Guiding due to inclement whether are subject to reschedule or a refund. 
                                                                   $50 Deposit 

Half Day of Privately Guided Climbing (4 Hours)

A half day option is perfect for beginners and experts alike hoping to get out on the rocks for a morning or afternoon of fun! During your half day climb, we will go to a wall that fits into your objectives for the day and climb up to 5 different climbing routes where you can challenge yourself on the rocks.
1 Person: $160
2 People: $90 Per Person
3 People: $70 Per Person
4 People: $60 Per Person

* Call for groups larger than 4 people

Full Day of Privately Guided Climbing (8 Hours)

During a full day of rock climbing at one of our many world-class destinations, you can climb at a variety of different walls in the canyon, or even choose to do a multi-pitch climb in Clear Creek Canyon or Boulder Canyon. With the full day, you get to experience more of what you came for!
1 Person: $250
2 People: $150/person
3 People: $110/person
4 People: $100/person

Quick Session
2 Hours of Private Rock Climbing 
If all of these options sound like too much for you and you are more interested in a quick, 2 hour, guided day of rock climbing then the Quick Session might be for you. A guide will take you to a climbing destination and climb with you, teaching you techniques and climbing skills along the way. For smaller groups, we can typically get in about 2-3 different rock climbing routes in 2 hours. You may have the option to extend your climb if you want to climb more. Beginners, intermediates, and experts alike are encouraged to book this trip. We do the Quick Sessions in Clear Creek Canyon in Golden, CO. 
1 Person $100
2 People $60/person

3 People $45/person
4 People $40/person

Climb the Flatirons
Summit Package: This is 1000 feet of beginner to intermediate terrain on beautiful sandstone complimented with gorgeous views the entire climb. The climb takes about 4-5 hours, but allow about 8 hours of your day for this climb for orientation and hiking to the base. Group Discounts apply.
 $200 for 1 Person
*$100 for each additional person you add to your group

Flatirons Tour: If you are interested in climbing on the Flatirons, but do not want to take on the 1000 foot summit, the Flatirons Tour is for you! In this tour, we hike up to the base of the Flatirons and climb for up to 3 hours on introductory climbing terrain. The Tour is approximately 4 hours total. Group Discounts apply. $160 for 1 person, and $70 for each additional person

Single Day Climbing Courses

Rock Climbing Basics (Half Day) 
This class is designed for beginner rock climbers to give instruction on proper technique, climbing knots, rope care, and safety. After a short hike to our climbing destination, instructors will teach climbers how to tie in, how to belay, and work on climbing technique with climbers. After this instruction, climbers will practice their techniques on a variety of climbing routes for the rest of the time. $160

Lead Climbing (Half Day)
This class is designed for the climber that wants to start leading or desires to improve their leading skills. Classes can be taught for sport climbing, traditional climbing, or both. $160

Multi-Pitch Climbing (Full Day) 
This class covers the important techniques used for multi-pitch climbing, rescue techniques, rope etiquette, route finding on multi-pitch walls, and the importance of finding a safe descent.  $250

*Please call 303-884-2755 to inquire on group rates

Multi-Day Climbing Courses

The John Denver (2 Half Days: Beginner)
This Course is similar to the rock climbing basics course, but goes into more depth and consists of 2 days of instruction and climbing. It covers belaying, rappelling, knots, safety, and climbing technique. On the second day, students can even get their feet wet with a little lead climbing introduction. $295

The Mountaineer (2 Half Days: Beginner-Intermediate)
The Mountaineer  covers lead skills for beginner to intermediates. For those climbers wanting to get outside and learn the skills they need to go off on their own, this two day course may fit your needs. In the course, we cover leader skills for all single pitch rock climbs. After taking this course, you will be able to start your own adventures on the craggy cliffs of Colorado. $295

The Mountain Lion (4 Half Days: Beginner)
For any beginner climber that has little or no experience rock climbing, this course is for you! This will go into detail on  the technique used for climbing and help you feel comfortable on the rock. It also covers knots, belaying, rappelling, and anchors. The other goal of this course is to educate climbers on the dangers of rock climbing and how to avoid them through proper safety techniques.  $595

The Leader (4 Half Days: Intermediate-Advanced)
This is for the climber wanting to take the next step in their leading ability. Whether you are a beginner wanting to learn proper technique for leading harder climbs or a seasoned climber aspiring to take their ability to the next level, this class will teach you the skills you need. This class is designed to teach both traditional and sport climbing in both single and multi-pitch settings.  $595 

Climbing School (7 Half Days: Any Level)
This class is the personal training class for climbers. It offers 6 days of climbing classes with a schedule put together to personally fit your goals. If you aspire to improve your rock climbing skills and need the coaching of an experienced, professional guide than this is the class for you! $1,000   

*Please call 303-884-2755 to inquire on group rates

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